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MySpendingPlanTM is a service brought to you by Plans365 Inc. (formerly known as American Homeownership Association LLC), located in Royal Oak, MI.  Our mission is to provide consumers with the latest tools to help them manage their personal finances, track their budgets, save money and keep up on the latest information about managing money and leading a better financial life.

We leverage the latest internet and software technologies to bring you easy-to-use, secure and robust tools and applications - all accessible online and for free.

The use of the internet is rapidly shifting into what many are calling "Web 2.0", where more and more sophisticated applications are available through your internet browser, anytime, anywhere - without compromising your security and privacy.  What this means for you is online software that is easier to use, more customizable and works faster, duplicating the results you are used to when using software applications that are installed on your computer's hard drive.  And less worrying about system crashes and constant updates and patches.

The MySpendingPlanTM team consists of a group of seasoned executives from the fields of finance, real estate and software development.

We invite you to use MySpendingPlanTM and explore its many features.  If you have comments, questions, and/or suggestions please contact us .  We would love to hear from you.

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