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Save money, reduce debt, manage tasks and reach your financial goals faster.  It's safe, secure and no downloads are required!

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  Create a budget in 10 minutes - for your family, a group or a special event, like a wedding or a vacation
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  Budget wedding planning
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  Save for a dream vacation
  Is it better to rent or buy?
  Budgeting for a new baby
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What is MySpendingPlanTM?

MySpendingPlanTM is free secure online personal finance budgeting software that can help you manage your spending to save money, reduce debt, manage tasks and reach your financial goals faster. 

Use MySpendingPlanTM to plan your entire household budget, or just a specific item, like wedding planning, vacations or a home improvement project.

You can create shopping lists online (and buy the items), set bills due and task reminder email alerts and create savings goals that you can track.

MySpendingPlanTM's reporting features let you produce helpful charts and graphs.

And our "My Big Picture" personal planning portal can be set up as you wish, giving you one clean snapshot of your finances, tasks and more!

What can I use MySpendingPlanTM for?

MySpendingPlanTM can be used to manage your home budgets and special activities such as buying, selling or building a home, vacation planning, home remodeling, and much more!

You can also use our online software to manage the budget, shopping and tasks for other organizations and groups you are involved with, like a charity, social club, church group or a child's sports team.

Visit our Save More section to print grocery coupons online, find free stuff and get discounts and deals on many of the things you buy everyday.

Our Live Smart section contains lots of helpful tips and articles, written by our editorial staff, on a variety of subjects, from how to survive a layoff to improving your credit score fast.

Why is MySpendingPlanTM special?

MySpendingPlanTM is online budgeting software that presents a modern version of the tried and true "envelope system" to fit today's lifestyle and home budgets.

Our predictive Auto-Assign BudgetTM technology will even recommend a future budget by examining your past and present spending habits and matching them with your income.

With our budgeting software, you can create virtual envelopes for each of your budget items and monitor their balances in real time.  As a result, you make truly informed financial decisions before you spend your money, helping you reach your personal finance goals. 

What's more, you can connect these budgets you create to your shopping, bills and tasks, making all those projects in life even easier to manage.


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